Currently situated in rural Queensland, Australia.

Our goal is to offer ONE OF A KIND items and very limited edition creations. With a lot of love and deliberation, almost every bandana we produce is unique.

*If you see something you like that has sold out, please don't hesitate to enquire. We may still be able to make you something in the fabric or style or necklace etc that you are liking :)

Personally, we love boujee, bling, glitter, rhinestones, pearls, ruffles and frills, lace, layering, textures, pastels, metals and dogs wearing things that give that royal, fashionista, stylish model mood.

We aim to have things in the post by 2 days post order. This is reliant on pre-made released collections/items. Any items that are being custom made via inbox request, please expect a longer processing time.

It took us 2 years to decide on a formula that worked for my taste in style vs my work habits. I spent such a long time with the luxury brand style fabrics saved in my shopping cart but recently decided that I HAD to do it. NEED IT. And then ended up buying an insane amount of trims and accessories!

"Just bought it. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" - Ariana Grande

- our style motto -